A clinic which works with the latest technology and has a team of doctors at a highly professional level. Dr Vida is the doctor who examined me, prepared me for the surgery and of course performed the surgery. I thank him greatly for this. After a consultation, I was determined to have the surgery, but I was very worried about how I would cope, because I had been told that it would be performed while conscious. But I have to say that I found a doctor who dealt with this problem and explained nicely to me what would happen during surgery, and it worked. The UVEA Mediklinik clinic is a place full of calm, with the right people, and it leaves the feeling of work well done, which is why I return there, and my closest ones too. And many friends come to you, even if it’s far away, but they take the right decision for their sight, because at your place they will receive truly the best examination, followed by a solution to their problem, and I would like to thank you for these patients, for not refusing them. We will continue to use your services trustingly. Regards, Barlíková Júlia.

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