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What can you find here?

  • Individually prepared medicine
    Individually prepared medicine (pharmaceutical preparations)

    We prepared these drugs pursuant to correct pharmaceutical practice in a modern, equipped laboratory. Basic pharmaceutical preparations include ointments, creams, solutions, shampoos. We do not shy away either from more complicated preparations such as gels, power in gelatine capsules and suppositories.

  • Products for infants and children
    Products for infants and children

    You can find in our pharmacy formula milk, breath monitors, organic baby cereals and baby toys.

    In the event of difficulties with breastfeeding, we can help with our accessories for facilitating lactation (breastfeeding tube, breast pumps, breast milk storage containers and bags, cream for healing cracked skin), or nutritional supplements for mothers to improve breast milk production.

    We also think about the environment by selling accessories for those who prefer using cloth nappies (rather than disposal nappies).

    For modern mothers, we have a range of Petit Lulu products.

  • Cosmetics

    Our pharmacy stocks the medical cosmetics brands La Roche Posay and Bioderma.

    La Roche Posay – their range combines thermal water with exceptional effects and the knowledge of leading experts on sensitive skin. Over 25,000 dermatologists worldwide recommend this brand.

    Bioderma – BIODERMA products are the result of knowledge of the skin and how it works. This is why BIODERMA carefully chooses for its products active ingredients which are very well tolerated by the skin.

  • Skin creams
    Skin creams

    If you suffer from dry facial skin, we have a vitamin cream on offer, hand-made in our pharmacy.

    It has a high vitamin A and E content and an oily texture, which makes it suitable in particular as a day cream or nutritious night cream for ladies with dry skin.

  • Massage cubes
    Massage cubes

    As its name suggests, this special product is used for moisturising certain parts of the skin. As the cube touches the skin, the body’s temperature melts a thin layer which can be massaged into this zone
    In addition to pure cocoa butter, the massage cube also contains essential oil which accentuate the effect of the cocoa and leave the massaged area smelling beautiful.
    Lavender, Cinnamon cube and Menthol with geranium oil

  • Loose herbal blends
    Loose herbal blends

    At our UVEA pharmacy we respect the healing power of nature and so we prepare our own blends of loose herbal teas made from medicinal plants.

    The beneficiary effects of many plants have been known through the centuries, but it is important to know the ratio and balance of each herb in order to achieve the desired effect.
    This knowledge is the secret and success behind our herbal blends.

    Guaranteed quality:
    The preparation itself is under the supervision of pharmacists and only small amounts are prepared as needed during the year, to ensure the best possible freshness for the final product.

    Special blends:
    Chest blend for coughs, Urological, Good Vision, Pregnancy, Flu and cold

    Everyday blends:
    Fresh mint, Herbal dream, Red lady, Forest health

    Original packaging
    All our loose blends are packaged in original packets made especially for the UVEA pharmacy. The label contains complete information on the description and composition of the blend and instructions for the correction preparation of the herbal tea.


    • Measurement of vital parameters
      Measurement of vital parameters
    • Specialist seminars for the public
      Specialist seminars for the public
    • Professional consultancy
      Professional consultancy

      Our pharmacy team

      Our pharmacists are not here just to hand out medicine. Do you need any advice on how to take your medicine?
      Forget about advice from the internet, rely on specialists instead.

      • PharmDr. Katarína Ješková PhD.
        PharmDr. Katarína Ješková PhD.
      • Mgr. Tomáš Sihelský
        Mgr. Tomáš Sihelský
      • PharmDr. Jana Brnová
        PharmDr. Jana Brnová
      • Mgr. Ivan Prokipčák
        Mgr. Ivan Prokipčák

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          Zelená 1A, 036 01 Martin
          T 043/4012605 | EThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

          Mon-Fri: 07.00 - 18.00, Sat: 08.00 - 12.00

          From March 16, 2020 until further notice, we adjusted our opening hours:
          Mon-Fri: 08.00 – 17.00, Sat: 08.00 - 12.00

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          Patient satisfaction lies at the heart of our work.

          • Júlia Barlíková

            A clinic which works with the latest technology and has a team of doctors at a highly professional level. Dr Vida is the doctor who examined me, prepared me for the surgery and of course performed the surgery. I thank him greatly for this. After a consultation, I was determined to have the surgery, but I was very worried about how I would cope, because I had been told that it would be performed while conscious. But I have to say that I found a doctor who dealt with this problem and explained nicely to me what would happen during surgery, and it worked. The UVEA Mediklinik clinic is a place full of calm, with the right people, and it leaves the feeling of work well done, which is why I return there, and my closest ones too. And many friends come to you, even if it’s far away, but they take the right decision for their sight, because at your place they will receive truly the best examination, followed by a solution to their problem, and I would like to thank you for these patients, for not refusing them. We will continue to use your services trustingly. Regards, Barlíková Júlia.

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            Júlia Barlíková Júlia Barlíková
          • Nikolka Repková

            I am writing on behalf of my granddaughter whom I brought to you for an eye examination, because we were worried about whether her eyes were alright. And here I want to say that children are probably the most sensitive to the right attitude from the doctor and are also able to evaluate the clinic’s equipment, as her words were “I won’t go anywhere else.” So we will try to make this happen for her. My message to the doctor she was with last time: she has already been given a dog and she’s happy that her sister Sonička will be coming for an eye test, as she’s starting school and we want to know whether her eyes are OK before she gets behind a school desk. This is also a recommendation for the parents of new first years. We wish you much success and lots of satisfied patients.

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            Nikolka Repková Nikolka Repková
          • Oľga Tichoňová

            Mrs Oľga Tichoňová wishes the whole UVEA team lots of success and blessings, especially Dr. Nikel, and for the future, I wish you many satisfied patients like her. She is very satisfied. She rang several times to thank them in person, but because the doctors were very busy, she passed on her wishes over the telephone.

            Oľga Tichoňová Oľga Tichoňová
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          Zelená 1A, 036 01 Martin
          T 043/4012604 | E info@uvea.sk

          Mon-Fri: 7.30 - 15.30


          • Tags: 2021

            There is no translation available.UVEA Klinika s.r.o. ukončila prevádzku mobilného odberového miesta dňa 31.03.2021. K tomuto dňu ukončujeme realizáciu antigénových testov ako aj PCR testov.

          • Tags: 2021
            V operáciách a vyšetreniach pokračujeme bez obmedzení za prísnych bezpečnostných opatrení V operáciách a vyšetreniach pokračujeme bez obmedzení za prísnych bezpečnostných opatrení

            There is no translation available.Napriek tomu, že sa pandémia na Slovensku zhoršuje, v očnej klinike UVEA Mediklinik v Martine bezpečne pokračujeme v starostlivosti o Váš zrak. Pacientom ponúkame možnosť podstúpiť potrebnú ambulantnú alebo operačnú liečbu bez zbytočného odkladu. Ten môže viesť k zhoršeniu...

          • Tags: 2020
            V UVEA Vyšetrujeme a operujeme stále bezpečne V UVEA Vyšetrujeme a operujeme stále bezpečne

            There is no translation available.V UVEA Vyšetrujeme a operujeme stále bezpečne Bezpečnosť našich pacientov aj personálu je pre nás prvoradá, preto zavádzame testovanie na COVID-19 pred každým zákrokom alebo vyšetrením u nás v UVEA Mediklinik. Využite možnosť preveriť si zrak aj vaše zdravie u nás.

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          • Jačmeň na oku je bežné, no bolestivé ochorenie. Prečo vzniká a ako ho liečiť? Jačmeň na oku je bežné, no bolestivé ochorenie. Prečo vzniká a ako ho liečiť?

            There is no translation available.Hnisavý a bolestivý zápal na okraji viečka, ktorý sprevádza nepríjemné svrbenie a pálenie. Každý, kto sa už s jačmeňom v oku stretol vie, aké „patálie” dokáže spôsobiť. No netreba sa ho báť - vo väčšine prípadov zmizne rovnako rýchlo ako sa objaví. Častým problémom je...

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            There is no translation available.Ísť na vyšetrenie k lekárovi počas pandémie sa môže pre niekoho zdať riziko. Čakáreň plná pacientov či blízky kontakt s lekárom môže priniesť obavy, no väčšinou na ne nie je dôvod. Zdravotnícke zariadenia dodržiavajú prísne hygienické štandardy. Aj v súčasnosti sa preto...

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            There is no translation available.Za oknom  je tma a zima, a vy sa tešíte na pohodový večer pri dobrej knihe a tlmenom svetle lampy či sviečok. Prípadne sa plánujete schúliť s deťmi pod deku a pri baterke si čítať zaujímavú knižku. Dokonalá zimná idylka - alebo žeby nie? Od detstva vám predsa každý dookola...

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