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Intrastromal corneal segments

Thursday, 11 June 2015 15:57
Implantation of intrastromal corneal segments Implantation of intrastromal corneal segments
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Norwegian student Erlend Brunborg, currently studying last semester at Jessenius faculty of medicine in Martin shared with us his impression from surgery by Femtosecond laser followed by implantation of intrastromal corneal segments /kerarings/, he undergo at UVEA Mediklinik. We talked about his vision problems and how surgery helped him with his diagnosis.

Erlend Brunborg: Without early diagnostic of eye disease I suffer from, my prognosis in the future would be worse

Implanted corneal segments changes the corneal curvature, homogenize corneal surface and in the majority of patients improves post surgery refraction and in many cases the function of the eye as well. It is mainly used in the operation of patients with ectasia of the cornea such as ectactic corneal dystrophy - keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, induced ectasia caused by previous refractive corneal surgery by lasik in the past or traumatic states.

What kind of problem did you have with vision and why have you decided to visit UVEA?

The problem with my eyes is, that the cornea is too steep. It makes seeing more difficult and my vision is really blurred. It is difficult for me to see, to recognize people I meet on the street.

How long do you suffer from this problems? How do you find out about your diagnosis and about UVEA?

I was aware that my vision on the right eye was worse than left eye, but I did know it was getting worse. Currently, I am studying medicine and when we had ophthalmology in the 5th year, they just incidental found out that I have this disease. Before, I was not aware that I have keratoconus. It was doctor Sanchez who diagnosed it. According to his findings, he thought that it must be keratoconus. He sent me to UVEA. I think the clinic had just opened. It was Thursday and already on Monday after, they did the first operation on my left eye at the clinic. Four days after an examination I had a firs surgery. So that is the way I found UVEA.

How was your first impression when you stepped to the building of UVEA Mediklinik?

It is a contrast to other things I am used to in the University hospital in Martin and environment there. It is really new and it seems quiet professional. From the first moment I have arrived here, they took care of the situation and I felt they had a plan for what need to be done.

What about the doctor, nurses and their approach?

I think they were really nice and helpful. First, I talked to doctor Sanchez and he explained me something about my diagnosis and then I talk to doctor Žiak and he was also explaining it quiet easy and I think I understood what is going on and what I can expect.

How was your feelings before and after your second surgery?

Just one week ago they have contacted me about they wanted to operate me again. So it happened quit fast. I think I was a bit nervous about what I was going to experience, if there was any pain or something like that. It was quite nice to have doctor Anders Holm around here because we speak the same language.

Did you feel some pain?

Not during the operation, but after the surgery, it was quiet annoying. It was itching and burning like I had an onion in my eye and the first night I couldn´t sleep.

How long did the burning annoye you?

I think it started approximately 2 hours after the surgery, when analgesics were off and it has the highest intensity during the night. And from that moment it got better. So, approximately one day after surgery it was much better and the day after, I didn’t feel anything uncomfortable.

What can you tell about vision the day after and one week after the surgery?

The doctor that performed the surgery told me, I can expect changes in the vision one month after the operation. Now it is 5th day after surgery, so I can´t say I see a difference already. As he told me I had to be patient. It would be best it can in next six months. Hopefully it would be a bit better.

Would you do the same decision to undergo surgery again? Would you recommend it?

I think I already recommended this to the other people that have some other vision problems and a lot  of Norwegians are interested in doing some eyes surgery at this clinic. So yes, definitely I would recommend this clinic because I was treated really nice and they took really a care of me, they explained me all the steps. During the operation I didn’t feel any pain. It started to be annoying few hours after operation but It was only one day when it was painful and annoying, so it was wearable. I am grateful and thankful, the doctors found out what diagnosis I have and that I am treated for the disease I suffer from. I think, if it is not so, my prognosis in the future would be worse.

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