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A cataract is an eye disease, where the eye’s lens becomes clouded. This results in a significant degradation of vision.

What’s the problem?

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a cataract, the LENS of the eye becomes less transparent, thus preventing the passage of rays of light onto the retina, which leads to a deterioration in vision clearness. However, degradation is very individual, and can take months or years. The disease is most frequently associated with ageing, but diabetes, smoking, hereditary factors or the long-term use of certain medicines can also have a particular impact. At present, the only option for recovering vision is surgery.

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What happens during surgery??

At present, there are no drugs, drops or special eyeglasses which might eliminate the cataract and improve vision. The only option for renewing vision is surgery.

The treatment consists in the replacement of the natural eye lens with an artificial intraocular lens which is made to measure for the patient. The lenses are implanted permanently and are made of the best quality materials which are not subject to changes caused by ageing.
We remove the natural lens using phacoemulsification. This is a technique where a special ultrasound probe is inserted into the eye through a small cut measuring several millimetres, through which we remove the natural lens.
An artificial intraocular lens is inserted into the original pouch, which takes over the function of the natural one, and also corrects any refraction error. The whole surgery takes around 15 minutes.

  • The surgery is performed in outpatient form, so you can go home after the operation
  • After the operation, the eye can be slightly sensitive and lucifugal for a few days.
  • Find out at our clinic about the possibility of implanting intraocular lenses which mean you won’t need to wear glasses after the operation.

We recommend performing cataract surgery with the assistance of a femtosecond laser.
For this surgery, a special laser is used to ensure the improved precision of the operation. The laser ray “breaks up” the clouded lens and performs three basic micro-surgical cuts, more precisely than the hands of a surgeon.
The use of a femtosecond laser shortens the duration of the operation, compared to standard surgery, and accelerates the healing process; it spares the eye tissue and thus increases the safety of the whole operation.

  • The laser performs very precisely and safely a capsulotomy and lens fragmentation.
  • By using a femtolaser, the operative wound gains a precise shape, size and position.
  • Thanks to the femtolaser, a lower ultrasound energy can be used on the phacoemulsification tool to suck out the clouded lens.

How long does it take for my vision to stabilise?

The majority of patients note an immediate improvement in vision straight after the operation.
The initial recovery period before returning to everyday duties, usually lasts 1 to 2 days. The final effect appears after several weeks
A definitive improvement in vision is only achieved after surgery on both eyes, when the eyes can work together properly.

Our surgery team

Our experienced staff will care for your eyes as if they were their own.

  • MUDr. Peter Žiak, PhD.
    MUDr. Peter Žiak, PhD.
  • MUDr. Rastislav Vida
    MUDr. Rastislav Vida
  • MUDr. Miroslava Budinská
    MUDr. Miroslava Budinská
  • MUDr. Juraj Halička, PhD.
    MUDr. Juraj Halička, PhD.

    Equipment and instruments

      Victus Femtosecond laser

      Victus Femtosecond laser


      The UVEA Mediklinik is the first and only clinic in Slovakia which has a combined Victus femtosecond laser from the German company Technolas PV.

      The advantage of the Victus laser is the high precision and care for the eye tissues. Certain types of procedures can be performed entirely without the eye being touched by the instrument, but only by the laser ray. Technolas PV has chosen the UVEA Mediklinik eye clinic as its reference and training centre.

      What can this device do?


      Enables surgical procedures to be performed with high precision for cataract operations. The laser performs a capsulorex and lens fragmentation very precisely and safely.


      Creating a corneal flap during LASIK surgery


      Therapeutic procedures on the cornea such as ceratoplastics, tunnels for corneal rings and astigmatic keratotomy.

    • Operačný mikroskop ZEISS Lumera
      Surgical microscope ZEISS Lumera

      Surgical microscope ZEISS Lumera

      Operačný mikroskop ZEISS Lumera

      At present the best surgical microscope for eye micro-surgery in the world. In the operating theatre, a unique 3D HD stereoscopic system is also installed with the microscope, enabling transmission of the operations, their recording and imaging in 3D HD (three-dimensionally). This system is unique in Europe and was specially developed for the needs of the UVEA Mediklinik eye clinic.

    • Navigačný systém Callisto Eye
      Callisto Eye navigation system

      Callisto Eye navigation system

      Navigačný systém Callisto Eye

      Callisto Eye is a unique eye monitoring system. It was the first to be installed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and right in the UVEA Mediklinik eye clinic in Martin. For patients, it is an irreplaceable guarantee of safety and precision, thanks to its live transfer of localisation marks into the surgeon’s microscope during intraocular operations, such as cataract operations or ceratoplastic surgery. The Callisto eye navigation system is capable of monitoring and adapting to eye movements in real time during the operation.

      Constellation phacoemulsification device

      Constellation phacoemulsification device


      This is a multifunctional surgical device which enables us to perform operations on the anterior and posterior eye segment. We use it for the emulsification of the intraocular lens or for operations of the vitreous body and retina, even in the most complicated cases. The emulsification of an opaque or clear intraocular lens takes place with the use of a very low ultrasound energy, thus leading to a minimal traumatisation to eye structures during the operation.

      The device is equipped with

      A torso mode of phacoemulsification

      Integrated xenon light source

      High-speed vitrectomy system

      Integrated endolaser

    • Biometrický system IOL Master 700
      Biometric system IOL Master 700

      Biometric system IOL Master 700

      Biometrický system IOL Master 700

      The IOL Master 700 by ZEISS is used for biometric measurements; this measurement is key for the precise calculation of the intraocular lens and for excluding the need to wear glasses following a cataract operation or following PRELEX surgery to remove the need for reading glasses.
      The main advantage of this instrument is its extremely precise measurement of the length of the eye and curve of the cornea and its precise calculation of the optical mass of the implanted lens.

      Sirius topograph

      Sirius topograph


      This offers a perfect combined solution for refractive and therapeutic cornea surgery. This highly precise diagnostic device, which works on the principle of a rotating Scheimpflug camera and Placido disks, is used in many corneal pathologies.

      Is surgery right for you?

      To help you find your way around, we have prepared a brief overview of surgeries available for different types of refractory disorders or diseases. Find out which type of surgery is best for you.

      Price list

      MONO EXTRA90 €90 €90 €
      MONO FEMTO390 €390 €390 €
      COMFORT EXTRA240 €240 €240 €
      COMFORT FEMTO590 €590 €590 €
      MULTI EXTRA490 €490 €490 €
      MULTI FEMTO890 €890 €890 €
      The additional price for the lens as requested by the patient following the consultation with a doctor ranges from 0 do 240 €.

      To help you find your way around, we have prepared a brief overview of surgeries available for different types of refractory disorders or diseases. Find out which type of surgery is best for you.

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